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At 7:57am on August 24, 2010, Tom 1960 said…
Hi Mike,
Love to get you on Blindman's Blues Forum! It's the most active blues music forum on the net and I happen to enjoy promoting it. Just GOOGLE it. Over 520,000 posts! Please check us out. It's a blues oasis.
PS Even if now is not the best time to join, could I at least get you to bookmark the site for future reference?
At 9:28am on January 6, 2010, JIMMY LLOYD REA said…
Very best to you in this new year !!!!!! Keep in touch.
At 11:34pm on November 7, 2009, Sue Rarick said…
Good to see your doing good. Had to take a break from this site for a while.
At 11:33am on August 16, 2009, Grandpa_Erik said…
Hey Magic Mike, a little taste from our music. If you like it there is more to hear at my site and I would like to be your friend. If it's not your taste I am sorry to have taken your time. Much respect. Grandpa_Erik

At 10:09am on July 6, 2009, Tamera Bluebird said…
Hey! If we are in OKC where would we find you playing?Would love to hear you again.
At 10:40pm on June 23, 2009, Kelly Richey said…
Hey! Glad you like our music... Looking back to when I got my guitar I must say, be careful what you dream, it might come true!
At 12:36pm on May 3, 2009, John Heinrich said…
Magic Mike...thanks for the friend request, would love to perform with you sometime or at least see and hear one of your shows! If you ever come to nashville let me know.....All the best! John
At 8:39pm on April 25, 2009, John-paul Gard said…
hi mike,
sorry for the such late reply, thanks for your nice comments my friend glad you like the organ
warm uk wishes
john paul
At 9:07am on April 23, 2009, Chris Canas said…
Hey Mike, Thanks for the welcome. Just getting around to finishing everything. You're right, I do love it here. Awesome!!!
At 12:34am on March 29, 2009, said…
Hey Mike, looking forward to hearing your work someday.
At 6:06pm on March 26, 2009, Wacharin said…
O' well,, I'm getting excited and happy for you about your first recording CD and looking forward to hear it. Let me know when your cooking is ready !!
At 8:09am on March 26, 2009, Jim Moody said…
Let me know when you get it together and start gigging.
At 10:41pm on March 25, 2009, Tamera Bluebird said…
I'm glad we get to reconnect. Been many years! I always enjoyed jammin' with you. Your originals were great back then, I can only imagine how good they are now!
At 1:27pm on March 15, 2009, Suzanne Swanson said…
Oh, by the way, folks. Sonny, Dan, and Mike are currently in the studio recording another CD. I received a nice message from Mike confirming this. Can hardly wait to hear the next release, on Sonny's own label. Mike sounds very excited about the tunes!
At 1:24pm on March 15, 2009, Suzanne Swanson said…
Hey Mike, you and everyone else here is going to have to excuse me for the past bit and at least another week (so I am told). Accidentally stepped on some broken crockery, got a staph infection in my heel, antibiotics orally did not help, have been on IV drip meds twice a day for 2-3 hours every 12 hours at hospital. Have I got the BLUES !!!! Anyway, I will be back with y'all when I am feeling stronger. Be well.
At 1:45am on March 15, 2009, Angie said…
Thanks for the welcome. I'm honored to be here with all of you blues lovers.
At 10:03am on March 11, 2009, Birchwood Mountain Delta said…
Hej Magic Mike - glad you like the BMD sound. The cryptic message was trying to capture the style from the great movie "L.A. Confidential"
Great playing Mike - I look forward to hearing about the CD release. Your photos are really good too.
All the best, Paul
At 5:00am on March 5, 2009, WIlliamNL said…
Thnxs for your comment Michael about:
Sonny Landreth-Supreme Slide Master

WATCH MY Fav Song of Sonny!
Congo Square!(LIVE @ Lafayette Square)
Check his amazing technic!
At 1:48am on March 5, 2009, Suzanne Swanson said…
Thanks Mike for your reply. Yes, when I lived in Texas I had many friends who were great players but just couldn't get a break. I often wonder what happened to them. Day jobs, like everyone else, I guess. Just hope that they kept their own music alive. There are a ton of really good players in the Southwest.
At 10:24pm on March 4, 2009, Suzanne Swanson said…
Hey, Mike, I'm familiar with Edmond. Used to live down the line in Farmers Branch,TX, now in Vancouver, Canada area. When talking with the Sonny Landreth band, they told me that they had never toured Okla. Kinda wonder why 'cause they are so close in Louisiana?
Any ideas here?

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