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At 11:37pm on October 10, 2009, Johnny Mannion said…
Doc, been using your swamp Frogs exclusively now for awhile.... NOTHING and I mean NOTHING even comes close.... the real flint glass is the sound I have been searching for since I dropped my last real Coricidan bottle..... I have completely fallin back in love with side guitar since you gave me the key to the kingdom! Thanks so much my friend...
Johnny Mannion
At 4:49pm on January 7, 2009, Davis Coen said…
yeah man...still enjoying the slides. the big bill model is the one i use 90% of the time when i'm not useing my standard pill bottle glass. best o the new year
At 12:42pm on December 22, 2008, Ian McWee said…
Thank ya kind Sir! Yes indeed, our glassblower who jumped ship back in '07 has sorted all of his issues and is back in the saddle on a permanent basis - the glass tubes he's recently sent me are just INCREDIBLE.....i'll make sure a few get over 'Salida-way' when the dust settles in the New Year!

Warmest regards Doc - speak soon Bro!

At 3:03pm on December 21, 2008, Ian McWee said…
Hey Doc - Great to catch up with you Brother & thanks for the initial invite place to meet & talk blues with like-minded folks.

Busy as usual over here with the glass stuff - now hoping for a little 'downtime' to remind my family who i am....after several weeks of 24/7 working it sure can take it's toll :D.

Things look great for you Bro - fantastic to see sliders spreading the word! Take care & we'll speak again in the New Year.

With warmest regards, and Happy Holidays!

At 7:08pm on December 19, 2008, Chris Kelly said…
Ah yes, my mother is so proud. Putting another RMS to the test! Thanks for the spot light man. Think of a venue in your town and any other ones you think I should hit up to play. Thinking in March.
At 6:58pm on December 19, 2008, Rick Lusher said…

Those Alligator All Stars videos are great. They get together a couple of times a month. They've been doing it for years, who's ever in town comes and plays. No egos just great music. Albert is
so happy about being nominated for song of the year, it was just a matter of time. Was suppose see Todd tonight (he's playing in Manhattan) but we had a storm and the roads are a mess. I see that Lil Cliff sent you a message(I saw them last night). Real good band and great guys.

Happy holidays and thanks for everything.



Todd "Doc" Sigmier Comment by Todd "Doc" Sigmier 51 minutes ago
Cool to see Albert sliding with a RMSC slide!! Thanks Rick and all the best my Friend!!! ~ Doc
At 5:11pm on December 19, 2008, Chris Kelly said…
Hey Doc! Got your message. I will give you a call. I wanna take a trip to CO this winter and do some shows. New CD almost done too! Thanks for everything.
At 8:53am on December 19, 2008, Lil' Cliff Bernard said…
Hey Doc,
Thanks for the welcome and all your support this year. Keep those lamps trimmed and burnin'
Best regards--happy holidays!
Lil' Cliff
At 5:22am on December 18, 2008, Brian Stoltz said…
Hey Doc, great talkin' to ya last night. That new dobro of mine is just waitin' for that 4-way slide.
At 1:00am on December 18, 2008, Big Joe Shelton said…
Hey Doc, Thanks for your support. I look forward to hooking up with you in the future.

"If you don't dig the blues
you got a hole in yo soul"

Big Joe
At 3:14pm on December 17, 2008, Connie Barr Miller said…
Always gotta be part of the Music Family, cos that's where it's at. See ya Saturday night. Keep on mixin' up that good gumbo Doc!
At 2:44pm on December 17, 2008, funkUs said…
HA! So generous of you, my friend. I'm still trying to figure out how to use the first care package you sent! I still keep trying, though, and your slide is always my favorite. Forever the student, I suppose...
At 11:57am on December 17, 2008, Mark Robinson said…
Hey Doc,

I'll be working on some Indianapolis gigs in the Spring, so we'll get a workshop going ofr sure. I'll keep you updated.

At 11:53am on December 17, 2008, S said…
Thanks for inviting me. This is a great site!
At 11:21am on December 17, 2008, Mark Robinson said…
Hey Doc,
Great to hear from you, hope to talk soon my friend.
Keep making those fantastic tone generators-- I'll keep playing with them and spreading the good word.


At 10:59am on December 17, 2008, Maureen said…
Same to you Doc! Hope you enjoy the Holidays, although I tend to think you enjoy life in general as you have such a happy attitude.

It's so nice to speak with someone who is "up" and happy. If I hear one more person complain about the economy (which is dreadful and I am lucky to have a job), the weather (Mother Nature doesn't listen to me) or traffic (why does a family of 2 need 3 cars).

This is a great website!

At 1:38pm on December 16, 2008, Tom Principato said…
Hi Doc,
Good to hear from you---Merry Christmas!,
At 11:14am on December 16, 2008, Maureen said…
Hi, I'll send this to a few people. It looks great.
At 10:58am on December 16, 2008, funkUs said…
Thanks, Doc! Just goes to show that you can't keep a good funkUs down, eh? Great to hear from you again!

At 11:28am on December 6, 2008, Ken Pustelnik said…
Hi Doc;
Welcome to LBW, I have informed our frontman Eddie Martin
about your slides , he plays a fair amount in the set.
kind regards
Ken Pustelnik

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