I am thrilled to have been invited to present a monthly edition of Digital Blues on the respected and burgeoning Canadian internet radio station,

The show will follow in the footsteps of previous Digital Blues programming and will seek to champion all the wonderful blues and blues based music and musicians that there are out there and I am hoping to feature tracks from all around the World.

All tracks played must be ‘indie’, self written and the artist(s) will have to sign an Indie release form.

You may be asking ‘what do you mean by indie’? I asked the same question and was told that this refers to artists/bands who have retained the right to sign the release. This will probably mean that we cannot play any stuff released on the major labels as is not in a position to pay any royalty as it is a non-profit, voluntary organisation.

Remember it must be blues or blues-based, be self-written, indie and you must sign a release!

If you can provide tracks which fit into this category and would like to submit them for possible airplay on Digital Blues then all you have to do is contact me for details as to how we move this forward.

If you have already submitted a CD to Digital Blues which fits the above criteria, then please confirm that you would like it considered for airplay so we can forward to you the appropriate release.

My apologies if you receive this missive twice, or more! I am trying to cast my net as wide as possible so it is inevitable there may be some duplication!

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Comment by mark easton on March 31, 2009 at 9:14am
do you need me to sign one of these ashwyn?

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