Columbia (Vee- Jay) presents the Blues. This was the record that kick started the first British Blues boom !!

jøhn francis kavanagh (Founder)

Columbia presents the Blues. This was the record that kick started the first British Blues boom !!

I bought this album in 1964 at Murray's Record Centre on the quays in Dublin (I still have my copy in pristine condition). It was my introduction to the Blues. From then on I became a purist. Everything I bought had to be an original, which is very difficult when Blues artists record each other's songs. I became a huge Blues Soul and Jazz fanatic.

In the sixties I saw Sonhouse Brownie & Sonny, Bukka White Jimmy Witherspoon Skip James J.B lenoir and many more.


This album influenced the likes of Mick Jagger Eric Burden Eric Clapton Van Morrison & Alexis Koerner and kick started the British Blues boom.

This is an amazing introduction to the Blues. Charly Records have just released it on cd.

Original 1960 compilation along with bonus disc featuring jimmy reed, john lee hooker, elmore james and other classic vee-jay artists

In the sixties, the legendary Vee-Jay label was the one of the leading independent labels specialising in music for Black Americans.

The label became hugely successful when their long-term relationship with EMI gave them the opportunity to be the first label in the United States to release The Beatles but by this time the label had already built up a formidable catalogue featuring an amazing array of doo-wop, gospel, soul, rock’n‘roll and of course blues.

The Blues was a compilation was originally released in America in 1960 (UK 1961) and contained several of the label’s biggest commercial hits of the previous few years. When it was released in 1961 it was also probably the first blues compilation of its kind in the United Kingdom, introducing artists like Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Witherspoon, J.B. Lenoir and Memphis Slim to a whole new audience.

The second disc of this deluxe digi-pack edition features 21 other classic blues tracks from the label’s back catalogue.

I've ordered my copy have you ?  ................John Kavanagh 2011




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