Black & Tan Records is STEALING My Life!

Hi LiveBluesWorld friends,

Black & Tan Records and Crossroads Blues Agency owner Jan (pronounced Yawn) Mittendorp is making an attempt to steal the works that I have created, written and performed by claiming ownership of my songs.
It is a small minded act of spite and vengeance.

Please do not purchase ANY recordings by ANY artist associated with Black & Tan Records. ...Mr. Mittendorp is a thief and a crook.
Please DO NOT book ANY shows and/or festivals with Black & Tan Records or do any business dealings with this talentless parasite who, lacking the skills to create his own art, feels it necessary to steal the works of others. 

Thank you for understanding that such is the nature of the music industry.


Here is a copy of the notification that I received from  :
Hi Mr. Jones,
 This is Joel Andrew over at CD Baby.  I handle the rights concerns and I  recently received a formally lodged Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown  notice. Jan Mittendorp ( is claiming under penalty of  perjury that CD Baby does not have the proper rights in place to distribute the  album "The Billy Jones Story : ...the times and travels of an american  bluesman."  As you know, CD Baby does not attain rights but instead depends on  the account holder to be the owner of the copyrights or have expressed  permission from the copyright holder to distribute.  Though I'm not assuming Mr. Mittendorp is correct I do have to take the claim  seriously.  Because this is a formal DMCA claim, I must receive a formal counter  notification from you in order to continue distribution.  Please see Section  11(e) of the Terms Of Service for information regarding a counter notification -  You must provide that counter notification by 9AM Pacific time, April 25, 2014.   Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to let this get too drawn out and my  ultimate job is to get CD Baby out of the middle of any disputes.  I am  temporarily halting distribution of the content but am ready to put it all back  in place as soon as this is cleared up.  Definitely let me know if you have any questions.  Take care, Joel   CD Baby - HostBaby - BookBaby - 

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Comment by Jack Pearley on June 12, 2014 at 12:40pm

Blues Musicians who have music recorded, email me at We are prepping the expansion of Talking Bout The Blues podcast.

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