Fat Possum releases 2 new George Mitchell titles on CD

Fat Possum has just released 2 new George Mitchell CD titles.




For those of you who aren't familiar with the work of George Mitchell:


George Mitchell doesn't just get the blues, he has to go out and find them. Thanks to his efforts, fans of authentic country blues have been able to hear the real deal without making the kind of road trips required of a dedicated producer, editor, musicologist, and folklorist. The listener who knows the real cosmic purpose of a bottleneck, knife blade, or small metal tube should drool over an account of Mitchell's exploits in the Deep South: "That night Mitchell returned to Burnside's place with a case of beer and some whiskey. Ten months later, Burnside had his first release." "George Mitchell was out roaming the South, scouting for stylistically eccentric blues musicians during the late '60s and '70s," summarizes another report. The previously mentioned performer was R.L. Burnside, a bluesman of particular delight in an era when death's scythe seemed to be severely limiting the ranks of such unique senior statesmen. Mississippi Joe Callicott and Jimmy Lee Williams are other artists who Mitchell brought to light in a big way as a result of his research trips; he is considered a specialist on the subject of Callicott. Credits for Mitchell can also be found on recordings of more famous performers in this genre, including Furry Lewis and Skip James, his involvement ranging from recording new material to, in the latter case, fine-tuning a reissue. Mitchell, who worked quite regularly with the Fat Possum label, presented an annual folk festival in Columbus, MS. He also published a book, Blow My Blues Away, which has been difficult to track down since its early-'70s release.


by Eugene Chadbourne of allmusic


Fat Posssum has been releasing his recordings over the past couple of years as the George Mitchell Collection. Initially, the recording were released on 7" vinyl, which left some of us out in the cold. But over time, these recordings have been repackaged onto CD, and have made it onto the download services, such as emusic, as well. These recordings are great, and shine a a light on some lesser know, but incredibly talented performers.


The first disc is George Blues Today.


1. William Robertson - Love Blues \n2. William Robertson - Baby Please Don't Go
\n3. James Davis - Old Country Book
\n4. John Lee Ziegler - Poor Boy
\n5. John Lee Ziegler - John Henry
\n6. Jimmy Lee Williams - Hoot Your Belly Give Your Backbone Ease
\n7. Jimmy Lee Williams - Shortening Bread
\n8. John Lee Ziegler - Used To Be Mine But Look Who Got Her Now
\n9. James Davis - James' Boogie
\n10. William Robertson - My Babe
\n11. William Robertson - Hoochie Coocie Wagon
\n12. John Lee Ziegler - If I Lose Let Me Lose
\n13. James Davis - Good Morning Little School Girl


The second disc is Jimmy Lee Harris, I Wanna Ramble


By my count, there are now 16 CD's in the George Mitchell Collect, and a truckload of 7" and LP vinyl. Check some of this great music out. It's not too difficult to find anymore.

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Comment by Shrimp City Slim on May 10, 2010 at 7:11pm
This is essential stuff. Don't hesitate. When I was doing my blues radio show on Public 1984-2001, I championed George and all his discoveries. You will love it.

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