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Son House – Preachin’ the Blues

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Son House

The blues has had an uneasy tension with the church. For many God-fearing people in the deep South, blues music was difficult to reconcile with a church-going lifestyle, because…


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Talking Bout The Blues

Hey guys,

 we're in the process of upgrading and redesigning the site to make it more media based, more interviews with artist as well as live streams of shows etc. If you are looking for a place to be interviewed and promote your concert, tours, events, albums or band, just reach out to Until then, enjoy the articles.

Talking bout The Blues

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President Obama sings the blues

Check out President Obama singing with some blues great at the White House.

Watch here:

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Great piece on the House Of The Rising Sun

Great piece on House Of The Rising Sun

Thank you for supporting the blues!!!!

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Nothing but the blues!

Frank Macias has added video pics and two songs to his page ..........La Chuparosa and Working stop in have a listen make sure your ready to have a good time ya hear?.......

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Concert Review - Albert Castiglia at the Cool River Draught House

Monday, July 20, 2009

Albert Castglia Cool River Draught House and Eatery

I went to the Cool River Draught House and Eatery in hopes of getting an interview with Albert Castiglia. We had prearranged one, but it was not to be. Albert was just too busy and I really did not mind, because what happened when he hit the stage made up for it all.

The Cool River Draught House and Eatery is rapidly becoming the spot to hear…

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" Interview with Dusty Sommers" part 1

Here is a small part of a recent interview with Dusty...

Why do you feel it is so important to keep the old style of blues alive?

' Well.. thanks for asking!!! but, I didn’t realize it or never planned to do any thing except play music. and. it was one of the first types of music I really listened to ....aside from the Beatles and Surf music.. …...growing up in RI, we had the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals...and when I was a kid ,about 14 or so...,

I was a surfer,loved big waves… Continue

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LiveBluesWorld Shutting Down

Dear LiveBluesWorld community.  LiveBluesWorld has had a good run, but unfortunately, we'll be shutting down the site on September 7, 2014.

We are no longer accepting new members.  

On September 7, the site will go offline forever. 

Thanks for being a part of the LiveBluesWorld community. 


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