Just Wondering-- Who is your Favorite King , Albert, Freddie, Or B.B. ?

I'm an Albert guy!

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I was listening to WDIA on Saturday and heard a bass/drums/keyboard intro that was vaguely familiar. The very first guitar note was a dead giveaway. Definitely, unmistakeably, B.B.!
I am a new member here. Looks to be the place I'm looking for. B.B. is my fav. I have tickets to see him on July,18th outside Washington D.C. Can't Wait!!!!! I also like Albert.. Glad to be here!!!!
Welcome Michael I am also new here.

Which King......well.....

Mondays and Thursdays I like BB,
Tuesdays and Fridays I like Albert,
Wednesdays and Saturdays I like Freddy,
On sunday I like 'em all....

I might be able to turn that into a lyric......Might call it "King of the Blues"....:-)
Thanks Joseph....Glad to see you here!!
Try that lyric as "We Three Kings" . . . !
For me it's a tossup between B.B. and Albert. If it hadn't been for B.B. King in the summer of 1969, when I saw and heard him for the first time, I never would have tried to play a guitar seriously myself. I caught onto Albert King a short time after that and he nailed me, too.

This is nothing against Freddie King, I think he was one of the greats, too, but I far prefer his King/Federal work to his later work, and I just don't hold him in the same league as Lucille's man or Big Albert . . .

p.s. I'm a newbie myself. And macaroni and cheese makes me want to puke.

Albert King without hesitation....and more so when he plays something like this:  (always)

As The Years Go Passing By

Red House

well I believe it's BB King.I mean, all of them are great, but BB is THE KING!

Hi guys (and ladies!), newbie myself although I'm actually no spring chicken!

Freddie King is one of my all time guitar heroes! I learned a ton of dangerously COOL licks from his early stuff. Listen to Clapton on the Beano album and for MUCH of that album he's quoting (in blues-speak that's paying tribute to...;-) Freddie king!

Back in the old days B and Albert shared a show at the one of the Fillmores. Wasn't there myself but I've heard this story from several who were. After B's set Albert came back out and they jammed a bit. As was usually the case things came to a bit of a showdown. They used to call it "cuttin' heads". After a particularly spectacular "run" of notes all bent from the same fret B actually dropped to his knees and bowed (the "I'm not worthy" move) to Albert. Albert was one of the most amazing and original stylists to ever bend a string.

B B King is NOTHING short of an icon and deservedly so. He took his influnces and blazed a trail for ALL of us to have to follow and he's STILL GOING!!! And B was the MAN who brought blues form the world that was a huge black audience with some eclectic white fans into the MAINSTREAM of music and to the much larger white audience. THANK YOU MR. RILEY B KING! Nothing short of amazing.

Who's the best? Impossible for me to pick! I really like Joseph's weekly breakdown though!

None of the above Muddy Waters & Howlin Wolf


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