Roy Rogers Show Cut Short Due to Chest Pain; Guitarist Recovering in Santa Rosa Hospital

At Saturday night’s benefit concert in Guerneville (Sonoma County, California), after the power went out during the show, Roy Rogers suffered severe chest pain and was taken by ambulance to Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa.  A quick-on-their-feet Emergency Team and Cardiology Unit assessed the pain, then diagnosed and treated a mild heart attack.  A stent was inserted quickly, and Roy is now resting comfortably and recovering well. 

“God pulled the plug on the power so that He wouldn’t have to pull the plug on you,” said long time friend and co-writer Donna Johnston.  As the doctors told Roy, “It wasn’t your time.”

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Hi Roy,
Thank you for the update my friend. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Here's to a speedy recovery and you gettin' back in the saddle again.

Kindest Regards,
Hang in there Roy!! It's not your time yet!! Get some rest,and a lot of us will be thinking of you also! MHM
At home resting, recuperating, and counting blessings after last weekend's heart attack. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Ukiah on Sunday ... show's on!
Hi Roy, you might not remember me. I met you a few years back in London with my Wife . We had come to see you at The Boarderline in Charring Cross Road. We where eating next door when you and Shona and your Bass player came in and sat next to us.
We where very excited as it was you i had come to see, i got you a Jack and we talked for a while, it was a highlight for me and has remained so ever since.
We where both shocked to read your news, and wish you a very speedy recoverey Roy, please don't rush back too quickly you need to listen to the docs on these things as much as a pain in the ass as it can be lol.
Well Roy i'm so happy to see your getting better and look forward to seeing you again one day soon, loosing your dear friend Norton earlier in the year must of been a blow, so you must take care we cant loose you both it would be too much to bear, besides theres so much more to come from you i'm sure.
Godbless my friend to you and your family, tell that good woman of yours to keep you in line man haha.
Our love and Best Wishes Craig & Jean xxx. your in our prayers Roy.
oh and from The Chicago Thieves (my band)


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