Hello all,

Just found this website and forum today through a post on the forum (I call home)
I liked it here and thought, well... lets join and share a crosscut of my stuff.

To answer before the question arises: I'm blind on one (right) eye and a lefthanded guitarist :D

You'll be seeing me around


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This is Matt!
a great Music lover....i love listening to all types of music. the preferred ones are, Hard Rock, Rock, Alt Rock, Country etc.
Great to be amongst the other GREAT music lovers!
Hello Hans...
Welcome LBW! I just recently joined myself! You have a nice collection of Lefty guitars! I'm a lefty myself, but I play my guitars strung right handed. I have an Epi Dot too, nice guitars aren't they? Mine is pretty much stock, however I did replace the the pickups. I replaced them with Gibson a Classic '59 & '59 plus. Huge improvement in tone!

My posted tunes- I Want A Woman, The Light & Gimme Your Nickel Sally are all recorded with my Epi Dot. I don't usually use my Dot on gigs because I'm used to the comfort of performing with smaller body guitars... but I always seem to use my Dot in the studio a lot it seems!

Keep playing... sounds good!

Best Wishes...



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