We've all heard this before. "It aint blues if its played by a white man/woman",
"It aint blues if it aint the pentatonic minor",
"It aint blues if the solo is overdubbed"!
Got any good ones to add to this?

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Got a few more:

"I don't like blues, its all sad and depressing..."

I like to counter that with a quote from one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett from his book Soulmusic where he writes:
"It was sad music, but it waved the sadness like a battleflag. It said that the universe had done all it could, but you were still alive."

The blues can be more than that, but its very well said.

Other misconceptions are just silly:
"Blues is emo music" - i.e. music for Emo kids, something that was completely unheard of 10 years ago.

Its hard to decide wether you want to laugh or cry when faced with comments that ignorant, but I usually laugh and try to explain. =)
What else can you do but laugh? The statements can be pretty danged funny, I think...heh..heh..Emo THATS a good one!
It ain’t the blues if you ain’t paid the dues.”: Kelvinblue

"it ain't the blues if you can't feel 'em.": Taylor Hicks
"What chew talkin"bout, Willis!?"
Art Blakey told me, "Shad, it's ALL the Blues..."
Hey Shad,
Im havin a bit of trouble getting folks to understand this supposed to be humorous. Weve all known some expert that always thinks he has the ultimate word in what is and what isnt blues. Jake seems to get it, the more absurd the better. "It aint blues if its played in an air condicioned room", "It aint blues if your playin' on a full stomach".Im trying to get a collection of the most absurd ones. I know with your experience, youve probably heard at least a couple. Got any good ones? When are you guys comin' down to Mexico?
Hola Pedro,
Still working on it Bro. I gotta finish this CD first.
I'm sure I've heard most of the same cliche's you have and for the life of me I can't think of any. I do recall this one time when Johnny Heartsman, talking about a well-heeled wannabe, cracked "what's he got, the 'my Mercedes Benz won't start' Blues?" You had to be there...
It ain't the blues're blogging about it !!!
good one,bob.
It seems to me that you know nothing about the blues, if you believe any of the above, first of all, are you saying that just because you're White or a Woman you can't have the blues? Libby Rae Watson, Mike Welch, Steve White, Jim Weider, Bobby Nathan, Charlie Musselwhite (REALLY GOOD) Alice Stewart, mmmm Frances Key.... Can you say it ain't country music if it's played by Blacks, I get really tired of music being pigeonholed, by so called experts, Bessie Smith was a woman, Billy Holiday was a Woman, can you say Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, just to name a few. Ray Charles was a legendary blues giant, and he played outside of the pentatonic all the time. Some of the greatest Blues solos of all time has been overdubbed, sorry Pedro I just don't buy your take.
Hey Earl,
With all due respect my brother, I think youve misinterpreted the intention of this blog, you might want to read it a little deeper. As far as women, read the response that I made to Ian Zirin's comment and the subsequent video. Its a young 17 year old white girl from England. Somewhere along the line, someone had said that she cant be playing blues because she's either white, or British or 17. Of course Earl, this is bunk, watch the video, she's playing a wonderful interpretation of the blues, and I commented very positively on it. But in our blues world, there have been a ton of absurd statements about what is or isnt blues made throught the years. Believe me Earl, these are not my takes, nor my beliefs. I think, as does Jake Green who seems to be the only one who gets it, that these are quite laughable in their absurdity. Im only asking people to contribute some of the more absurd ones, they can be a hoot.
Im totally in agreement with you about the aforenamed artists, Bessie Smith could have been a purple skinned alien from Saturn and it wouldnt make a diddley bit of difference, Bessie sang the blues like nobody before her. Thanx for participating my man, sounds like youve been around the block, have you heard any these?
This thread is meant to be a collection of the absolutely horrific absurdities that narrowminded people have said about the blues from time to time.

Its not meant to be serious, its just funny to trade some of the grotesque one-liners some idiot told you sometime in a blues bar. Its all for shits and giggles people, relax. =)


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