Is anyone actually making a living playin music? Do you work a day job and supplement your income by jammin' out? Are you a hardcore fan that works a little overtime in order to catch some shows on the weekend? What role does the Blues play in your day-to-day financial life?

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My financial life IS the blues! HAHA! At least for now....
Day jobs? Who needs a stinking day job? Wasn't the only reason we got into this business in the first place because we wanted to escape the mundane existence of the "9 to 5" grind? I have seen the digs some of you live in on MTVs Cribs of the Very Wealthy. If you are not making a minimum of a 100K a year, you aren't working this business. It's easy money.

Well, isn't it?
Yeah, it's a pretty straight forward business. Of course it gets rough dealing with the hand cramps from constantly endorsing checks. The record execs and A&R people are relentlessly knocking on the door.
The economic downturn has led to some downsizing though. Would you like to buy my beach house in Phoenix?
Would you consider a tax free swap for my mountaintop home with sweeping grand vista in southern Michigan? This mansion is equipped with indoor plumbing and electricity. I will even throw in a 16" Black and White Motorola Tv. It's the "latest" thing.

All joking aside...

I know it's only natural to wonder what the guy next door is bringing home, but in light of what's happening on other social networking sites, it may be a good idea to put this discussion to bed. Although I think your intent was above this, have you caught news stories like this (Big Brother is certainly watching us.):

Tax collectors now hitting social networks to track deadbeats (Yahoo Tech)

Which was based on this Wall Street Journal story here:

Is 'Friending' in Your Future? Better Pay Your Taxes First (Wall Street Journal)

It seems the IRS is following these sites to catch tax cheats. Sure, sure, if you dutifully pay your full 50% to the government you haven't anything to worry about. But why rouse suspicions? With the United States now in debt to the tune of 9Trillion dollars, these clowns will use what ever technique they devise to squeeze more out of you.

Just as clicked off this site, I came upon another that offered some ideas on how to improve your bottom line:

Download the Marketing in a Downturn Strategy Kit with 4 How-To Videos and Instructional e-Book (Includes):

Video: Search Engine Optimization 101
Video: Blogging for Business
Video: Social Media Marketing
e-Book: Get Found Online

In light of all that is required to download these "FREE-bies" this might be a pass.

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But again, if your dutifully pay your fair share...Did you hear that they have pushed "tax amnesty day" back? It seems you now have to work until (is it August--or is it September now), to pay all of the taxes you owe to Federal, State and local government before you start collecting a dollar for yourself? Here in Michigan you pay a full 38 cents a gallon in taxes for every gallon of gas you pump, and if I am not mistaken, we are one of the top five states as far as cigarettes cost (again, all taxes).

Unless you have a tax accountant working your books, or you are schooled in that area, is it any wonder you don't make any money?

Oh, if you are still interested in those downloads:

Incidentally, as a musician, you are classified as a B2C (business to consumer.)

Yes, we will certainly render unto Caesar. Far be it from me to be 'unpatriotic'. With a baby at home and another on the way, financial ruin may well strike before the next plague of locusts. Oh well, that's why we have politicians. No worries.
The idea that we have high-dollared public servants is what worries me. They can run afoul of matters, lead us down dark corridors of economic ruin, engage us in questionable world matters, and when they realize that they have f*cked up, they say "whoops! Let's throw some money at the matter at the expense of the citizenry," and that's supposed to be okay? When they run up egregious bills, they hold our feet to the fire to come up with the money?

Do I smell a revolution in the air?
You may smell somethin'.
As if "Shock and Awe" wasn't enough bang for our buck, we got change comin'.

Incedently, my daughter learned to say "oops" and "OK" last week. This week she began saying "NO".

"If it hasn't been in a pawnshop, it can't play the blues."
Envy is easily disguised with sarcasm. Making a living isn't easy, no matter what you do.
Envy of what exactly?
Working for a living is a challenge for everyone at this time, but even more so for musicians gigging on a local level.
Haven't been on here for a long while but thought I'd jump in on this one. I've been involved with music for many years managing bands, helping at a local festival and 9 years as an FM radio presenter so I'll tell it from my perspective. I know a lot of musos and very few make a living out of it. Most are either on unemployment, disability, have a day job or are supported by a spouse, partner or parent! Many bands tell me they earned more from gigs back in the 70's. I also havw friends on the retail side who tell the same story..., falling CD sales. A few people will buy the new Buddy Guy, BB King or Taj Mahal albums but in Oz at least, not much else sells unless the artist can do a promotional tour and sell them at gigs but the cost of getting there is expensive so you'd want to be well known. People won't turn out for someone they've never heard of. Apparently blues fans aren't as big on buying downloads as some other genres but even if they do it works out about $100 for 1000 downloads! The strange thing is that with internet exposure there are more bands than ever pushing their music out there and unless you are in the know it's hard to find what you like.


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