I am really missing my usual time running around on Beale during the IBC!  Can't be there this year for family reasons - but would love to hear any current reports/news...    Who have you seen?  Who's got the vibe?  How are my fellow-Aussies Dan Dinnen (Melbourne) and Alison Penney (Sydney) going?
Incidently Alison often plays keys with me at Aust festivals, and is a great gal.  It's her first US trip, so go and say g'day to her!

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Did anyone catch Felix and The Hurricanes set anywhere?
I got feedback that the first night performances by the international bands were fantastic. From what I hear from my son's band, Edens Unknown, everyone is having a great time. Meeting together and sharing a love of Blues Music is a great experience.
26th International Blues Challenge Winners Crowned
I participated in the IBC this year and made the finals for Baltimore Blues Society. Very enlighting experience....good food, great atmosphere, fantastic blues & great networking. A must for an emerging artist who wants to make a career in the blues !
Grady Champion won it! Personally, I really liked him. Another personal favorite was piano blues player Lee Pons. His playing was a blast, and he really had the crowd revved up. His album is up on bluescentric now, I watched and enjoyed BJ Allen and Blue Voodoo as well as a couple others. All in all, it was a great time. Blues blues and more blues, so much that we kind of had to play triage and choose between two shows because there were so many!


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