Bluesboy Jag Electric Cigar Box Guitars now with Custom Made Cases

Made from real cigar boxes, candy tins and gift tins. Custom Bluesboy JAG magnetic pickup installed for

or email me
let me know what you want and i'll make
it for you. I can also make instruments
out of your box, email me for

Includes FREE video instruction CD

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That Charley Patton Guitar looks real cool!
thanks, they are fun to play too!
do you need to know how to play regular guitar to know how to play a cigar box guitar or can you learn the cigar box easier?
It helps if you already play guitar, the only difference with a CBG is that it has 3 or 4 strings instead of 6. Most are tuned to open chords but this is not a requirement. Most people pick it up relatively quickly. Knowing how to play finger style is a BIG plus as it allows you to do some really cool licks that it seems most folks these days are not aware of. I include a free CD with vids showing you how to do this. It takes a couple of hours to get going with this style, the sky's the limit after that. A lot of people use the CD as a starting point, most folks these days are more familiar with 2 string barre chords than open tuned 4 string slide blues. If you spend just a few minutes a day, in months you'll be WAAY better than 99% of the guitarists alive. Trust me :)
Cool. Thanks. I'm tooling around with the idea of getting a CBG. Yours are BEAUTIFUL by the way.


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